Johan Stenehall

A swedish web developer building things, currently for Narrative creating their web experiance among other things. At work he mostly codes AngularJS and html/sass but also some Node.js and even some Django on occasion.

Bluetooth problems in Yosemite

Spinning flower

A simple spinning flower in pure html/css with no javascript.

Animated toggle checkbox without javascript

A simple animated togglable checkbox in pure html/css with no javascript.

My washing machines are talking to each other

Twitter låter dig läsa ditt första tweet. En tidsmaskin i miniatyr - First tweet

Broken MySQL on Mavericks

Since my mysql have stoped working in the same way two times now I'm writing this little post for the next time.

Ghost is almost ready!

Well, that might be an exaggeration but with the new 0.5 release closing in it might finaly be ready for me to start using.

Bot.js a pluggable node.js irc bot

Bot.js is a plugin driven irc bot written in node.js. It's my way of learning node.js.

Mailbox - Zero inbox

I've been trying to use inbox zero a long time with mixed results. Now it's time for Mailbox.

Heroku uses a very old version of node.js

Heroku uses a very old version of node.js by default. But you can make it use a modern version.

dust.js a javascript template engine

dust.js is a javascript template engine designed for both server and client side that playes nice with node.js and have similar syntax to mustache.

My currenct Sublime Text 3 configuration

Sublime Text 3, with Phoenix Dark, Base16 color scheme and Source Code Pro.

DigitalOcean offers 512MB vps for just $5 a month

DigitalOcean offers very cheap VPNs starting at just $5 a month, with servers in both US and Europe.

Write using ruby and rake - Jekyll again

I'm using a couple of different rake (a ruby alternative to make) tasks that makes writing and publishing my Jekyll posts easier.

Sites that show of

Trenden kanske inte är jätteny men det finns en mängd med härliga siter som samlar bilder kring ett tema. Härligt tidsfördriv